The cars we drive are mainly F4 cars, but you can also get the opportunity to try your hand at an F3 car to feel the difference. The place where you are allowed to push them to the breaking point is on the Spanish track 'Circuito Mike Guadix', which is as created for this type of racecar. The track is 3 kilometers long, and has a main straight measuring 700 meters, which gives you optimal and realistic conditions to drive under. The course requires you to master a high degree of driving dynamics, and one of the sections is particularly difficult, as it has taken strong inspiration from the legendary "Corkscrew", which is usually found on the American course Laguna Seca in California - without a doubt one of the toughest racing sections in the world. Read more about our facilities here.


Our team of instructors, engineers and technical assistants are independent and impartial, and they will be your important sparring partners at the academy. At the same time, we have the opportunity to look at a large amount of data that can help reveal how we get opened up to your full potential as a race car driver.

Formula Academy is short and intense because that's how you learn it best, and that's how you get ready for your future as a professional racing driver.We expect you to be highly motivated to become the best in your field. Only with that setting can we help you further. You have to be driven by the passion to want to be the best, and you are ready to fight for it - even when it becomes challenging.