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The Ultimate F4 Racing Academy by Formula
At the academy we're doing race simulations with an instructor, and this is a unique factor to our academy. With these race simulations the driver learns:
- The technique of a real race starts
- Race driving craft under pressure with an instructor
- Overtaking in "real" race situations, which is different to testing overtaking solely

The seat is yours
Placed in the driver's seat, you can be allowed to make mistakes without any of the pressure that is otherwise present when testing with the larger teams. At Formula Academy, mistakes are not something you should avoid. It's something you learn from.

The team is your team
Our team of instructors, engineers and technical assistants are independent and impartial, and they will be your important partners at the Academy. At the same time, we have the opportunity to look at a large amount of data that can help reveal how we get opened up to your full potential as a race car driver.